How much do you supplement education with therapy or tutoring? At what costs?

We probably do 2-6 hours per week per child. Some of it is regular tutoring and help with homework and concepts. But at least a few hours is true "education therapy" where we supplement building foundations for kids that they can learn from. I feel we will be doing this for some time. It is easily an extra $1-2K per month of cost.

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Kurt Wilson

11 months ago

I have my son with Dyslexia and Dysgraphia using via online tutoring through Simplistic Solutions from the Waterloo, NE area for the past 2 years, about 90 minutes per week for Dyslexia therapy. This costs about $195/week for 90 minutes. He has made more strides than the overall school intervention. I can put a doll oat figure on the outcome for him, the reality has been a much needed improvement for him. I wish I could enroll him in their academy, but the reality is we live in rural KS and relocation would be very difficult.


11 months ago

Kurt thats awesome. Do you do all online or also in person? Do they have ESA in Kansas yet?

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