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Welcome to Neuro School Network

As parents of neurodiverse kids, it is hard to navigate the school system and opportunities. This site does not have all the answers but what we do have is:

  1. A Growing list of schools that cater to and can accommodate kids with learning differences
  2. Contact information and other basic info about these schools in the top 20 metro areas in the USA
  3. In depth interviews with certain schools that may provide more help for a parent when deciding where to apply

Featured Schools

Featured schools are those that have been interviewed to give parents an in depth overview about what makes them unique. In this section, you can read about the services they provide, in depth student profiles, and behavior modification approaches to each school.

Holden High School



0 Reviews

Holden High School is a school that focuses on serving students with emotional, as well as learning differences. They provide a therapeutic and supportive learning environment, individualized instruction, and a range of support services to help students develop academic skills, s...

All Children's Academics

San Rafael, CA


1 Review

All Children's Academics is a private school in Marin that is dedicated to serving children with special educational needs. They provide tailored support to neurodiverse students who may be struggling socially, emotionally, or academically. The school fosters holistic development...

The John Crosland School

Charlotte, NC


0 Reviews

The John Crosland School is a private school located in Charlotte, North Carolina. The school offers education to students from kindergarten to 12th grade. The school's mission is to celebrate and embrace every child's unique needs when it comes to education. The John Crosland Sc...

Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (ESA)

Learn more about empowerment scholarship programs, requirements and dollars available by region. Our site has filters for schools in regions that take ESA or similar programs and we hope to frequently have expert help in our community and reports and info by state in our website that any user can utilize for free.

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