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Holden High School is a school that focuses on serving students with emotional, as well as learning differences. They provide a therapeutic and supportive learning environment, individualized instruction, and a range of support services to help students develop academic skills, self-regulation, and social-emotional well-being.


Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Holden unique?

Holden nurtures students’ unique gifts and talents. Our students are bright and curious. Some may: have mild to moderate learning differences and/or social-emotional challenges, struggle in mainstream school settings, and be affected by anxiety and/or depression or other challenging circumstances.

Do you offer onsite therapy?

Every student receives weekly one-on-one onsite counseling. Every family can partake in onsite family counseling that can be used for therapy, family mediations, and family goal setting.

Do you have parent support groups?

Yes! Holden's Clinical Director hosts monthly parent support group meetings. Parent Potlucks and other activities are arranged throughout the school year as well.

Can parents pay extra for onsite services or bring in offsite experts?

Parents can pay for tutoring onsite, but we don't have space to bring in offsite experts on a regular basis

How is your staff trained?

Staff are trained in a number of ways- we access PD that is provided through the California Dept of Ed, and our Learning Specialist also trains staff in various learning differences.


Students travel from all over the Bay Area via BART, parents, or bus. Holden does not offer private transportation.

Do you take children with behavior issues?



Please view current rates here.

When it comes to behavior issues, what are your standard policies for a child continuing in your school?

We are not set up to serve students who need line of site supervision in a behavioral or mental health capacity.

Can you challenge a high achieving academic child while also building core foundation skills?

Mixed grade level classes help us differentiate instruction so students are appropriately accommodated and challenged.

Do you offer college prep?

Students can fulfill the A-G college entrance requirements for CSU's and private colleges. We offer Honors classes. We do not offer AP classes.



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