Public funding for tuition at private schools for students with learning differences

Our public school is encouraging us to attend a special school for our child, but the school they are recommending is not the right fit for him. Our understanding is you can get public funding to help pay for a different private school that we think is more appropriate for our son's needs. But we have no idea how to go about getting that funding. Does anyone know more about how to get that support?

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11 months ago

Yes, do you have an IEP? we want through the process and your are entitled to a FAPE. If it is not provided you can unilaterally place your child in a private school and request and/or negotiate reimbursement. We did this once upon a time. Separately, some states have ESA programs where you can dollars. The most notable example is Arizona with $7K if you go private and I believe much more if your child has a diagnosis like autism. What region do you live in?

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