Arizona Autism Charter School (AZACS)


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Arizona Autism Charter School (AZACS) is the first and only tuition-free, public charter school in Arizona focused on the educational needs of children with autism. The school's primary focus is to use the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to support students' behavioral needs and help them access state instructional standards to the best of their ability. AZACS was unanimously approved to serve grades K-12 grade by the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools.


Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you unique?

We are Arizona’s first and only tuition-free charter network, and the only autism charter in the Southwest. We offer innovative and data-driven programs for all levels of the autism-spectrum in grades K-12. We have two campuses in Central Phoenix, one campus in Peoria and a campus opening next fall of 2023 in Tucson, Arizona. Our school has been nationally recognized for innovative programming for neuro-diverse learner and was the top winner of the prestigious Yass Prize in 2022!

Do you offer onsite therapy?

Yes, speech, OT, ABA embedded during the school day.

Can parents pay extra for onsite services or bring in offsite experts?

Parents can pay for an after school program. Parents are welcome to bring in offsite experts for IEP meetings and other collaborations.

Do you have parent support groups?

We have a very active parent-driven PTA. We also have monthly virtual trainings for parents.

How is your staff trained?

Staff receive training in Applied Behavior Analysis and other best practices for children with autism. In addition to curriculum training in academics, our staff are trained to implement STEAM and Project-Based learning with our students.


We have a limited transportation program for students living outside a 15 mile radius from our main campuses in Central Phoenix.

Do you take children with behavior issues?

We offer best practice ABA programming for students at all levels of the autism spectrum.


We are a tuition-free charter network.

When it comes to behavior issues, what are your standard policies for a child continuing in your school?

We implement a behavior plan using ABA strategies to help minimize the behavior and eventually extinguish the challenging behavior.

Can you challenge a high achieving academic child while also building core foundation skills?

Yes, we have an academic program for students working at or above grade level. One of the innovative components is STEAM and project-based learning using the WozEd curriculum, developed by co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak.

Do you offer college prep?


Do you have co-op opportunities for your older students?

Yes, our students have opportunities for internships with community partners.



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