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Established in 2012, Compass is a Bay Area college preparatory program designed for students with Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, ADHD, 2E, and Anxiety. Compass High School was founded by a group of parents who were looking for a school that could work with their students in a different way. A school that created a safe, nurturing environment while challenging students at the same time. A school that saw the humanness in every student and family. A school flexible enough to build around students’ strengths while supporting learning challenges.


Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you unique?

At Compass, class sizes, individualized instruction within the classroom setting, specialized training for teachers, executive function, reading, and social-emotional support are built into the program. Focus on individual relationships with students and faculty.

Do you offer onsite therapy?

We do offer educational therapy and counseling—both onsite.

Can parents pay extra for onsite services or bring in offsite experts?

Parents can bring in offsite experts; we do not charge extra. All student services should be covered by tuition.

Do you have parent support groups?

Next year we will implement more parent education and book club opportunities with Compass staff and offsite experts.

How is your staff trained?

Through ongoing professional development through Compass professionals and offsite trainers.

Do you offer transportation?

We are located near Caltrain and public transportation.

Do you take children with behavior issues?

We do not take students whose primary behavioral diagnosis, however we do recognize that many students with complex learning profiles that get in the way of their learning, and greatly influence their views on school. In these cases, we have successfully created esteem that helps and mitigates problematic behaviors.

What is your tuition?

Next year's is $49,400 with a one time $1,500 technology fee.

Regarding behavior issues, what are your standard policies for a child continuing in your school?

When student behavior becomes disruptive to the learning environment, we can require any number of remedies, counseling, course mitigation, academic and social emotional support, and mandatory office hours.

Can you challenge a high achieving academic child while also building core foundation skills?

Yes, we do this through our individual approach in the small class size.

Do you offer college prep?

Yes, 95% of our classes are a-g compliant.

Do you have co-op opportunities for your older students?

This is currently in development.



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