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University Of Northern Iowa - Student Accessibility Services (SAS) is committed to providing accessible and equitable opportunities for all students with disabilities. SAS works collaboratively with students, faculty, and staff to determine appropriate accommodations for academic and campus experiences, as well as for university housing and dining. The accommodations are determined based on the nature of the disability, the academic or living environment, and the student's past accommodations history, personal narrative, and supporting documentation related to their disability. The SAS website provides information on how to submit an accessibility request, upload documentation, schedule an appointment, and access accommodation letters. The website also offers resources for assistive technology, alternative textbooks and course materials, and scholarship information. In case of any concerns or issues related to the delivery of services, students can file an appeal with SAS. The appeal process involves discussing the concern with the SAS staff member who made the decision. If the issue cannot be resolved, students can schedule an appointment with the Dean of Students, who will render a decision. If students feel that their disability has not been accommodated or they have been discriminated against, they can contact the Office of Compliance and Equity Management.




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